If you would never dare your adrenaline to throwing yourself  between to mountains held by a harness, and to be pushed by the wind and gravity, this is the time to have a go. This is a trajectory of 2000 meters of wire divided in 6 circuits located in squally and humid geographic structure with unique flora and fauna, waterfalls and clear water rivers.



Enjoy the closest encounter with nature, come and camp in our facilities. Its an ideal and safe place to rest.





If fishing is your passing, we have a small infrastructure where you can you can do sport fishing and have lots of emotions.





People can do this activity since they are 3 years old and depending on they physical condition and health. Use comfortable clothes, mosquito repellent and comfortable shoes.


Pay attention to the guide explanations. He will show you the correct positions to slide throught the wire and break or accelerate in certain points determined by the guides.

Business Hours

Monday to sunday: 9h00 to 17h00

Holidays: 8h00