Trajectory A circuit of 6 lines and 2000 m. of wire

Our trajectory is made of a 6 line circuit and 2000 meters of wire where you will be able to enjoy the biodiversity of the zone. San Antonio de Puntzan is surrounded but a great amount of river and waterfalls which is a priviledged area.

Rivers and Waterfalls you will see



This river is born in the highlands of Tungurahua’s volcano. It has a short amount of water in its high part..



It is a river that is born in the highlands of Tungurahua’s volcano as well. It has a great amoung of water. In its trajectory it creates marvelous waterfalls like the ‘Angel waterfall’ with an altitude of 300 meters. As its trajectory goes on we find the waterfall called “The Tapir Sancturary”. This is the name that was given to it since around it there are many sources of mineral water where the Tapir comes to get refreshment and calm its thirst. This river also joins Ulba river making a new one that travels between to mountains making a big  very big and plentiful flow of water.



It means “Red River”. It is born from Tungurahua Volcano through a rock slide formed by the various volcanic eruptions. This river forms different waterfalls, the best known ones are called “Tres Marias”.